Customer Engagement

Collect your customers’ email addresses with WIFI login and stay in touch to keep them coming back
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Customer Engagement and WiFi Marketing

Returning customers are your bread & butter. Engage with your customers for more business

Know your customers

Gain access and insights from customers as they log into WiFi.

Collect demographic information to help your marketing strategy.

Communicate with them

Send targeted and automated messages with offers and invitations.

Show them you know their taste.

Welcome them back

Build relationships that turn new visitors into regulars.

And expand your visibility into their social network.

Inform the promotions

Run your promotion when they get connected to your WiFi and create different messages based on the visitor demography.

Quality results with us

WiFi Marketing and Customer Engagement is part of SoConnect solution. 

SoConnect solution is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform you do not require to buy any specific hardware or software for. What you need is just your internet browser! 

We can offer the solution as separate part or in combination with other elements of the platform. 

We can provide you the platform subscription from one to three years contract to smooth your subscription costing. 

We can help you with required human resources to manage the platform back office and communication with your costumers/guests/consumers, and you only set the policies.